On July 18, 1934, Brasília Obras Públicas S.A. was founded in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian capital at the time. Since the company was founded it has been remarkably helping to advance Brazilian engineering by introducing new technologies and building large-scale construction projects. In 1976, incorporated Guaíba Obras Públicas S.A., a company from Porto Alegre, RS, created in 1963 and equally skilled in earth moving, paving and sanitation projects and construction work under high technical standards.

In 2008, the company took on the name CONSTRUTORA BRASÍLIA GUAÍBA LTDA, with main offices in Porto Alegre. In these 75+ years of experience, the company has taken part in hundreds of large-scale constructions in Brazil and abroad. CONSTRUTORA BRASÍLIA GUAÍBA LTDA's portfolio includes thermal power plants, transmission lines, dams, locks, port terminals, gas pipelines, crude-oil pipelines, sanitation works, bridges, flyovers, airports, earth moving works, industrial works, buildings, urban infrastructure, and road and avenue paving. Joining consortia to operate in the public utility award and public-private partnership business is an example of the company's ability to adapt to new market circumstances. With a solid, traditional image of service quality, committed to the standards the company has set for its work, Brasília Guaíba has been systematically expanding its activities by taking its work to other Southern Common Market countries.

Such ongoing improvement has its origins in the enterprising mind frame that Brasília Guaíba nurtures in every company department. Faithfull to its principles, the company continuously adapts to new technologies and invests in updated training for its staff. Over the company's victorious history, CONSTRUTORA BRASÍLIA GUAÍBA LTDA has held on to its conviction that construction, with its inherent responsibilities, is the way toward a country's progress and socialeconomic development.

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